Wiltspar Village

Nestled within the heart of the Centra continent, the village of Wiltspar is characterized by its close bond with an awe-inspiring arboreal wonder of the same name--an enormous, ebony-hued tree adorned with delicate strands of silver fibers. This mystical black giant radiates an unmistakable magical energy that has shaped the very fabric of the village and its surroundings. The Wiltspar tree's arcane allure extends beyond the village borders, drawing creatures from every corner of the realm. Its supernatural magnetism has transformed Centra into a veritable hub for these entities, creating a realm teeming with both danger and potential.

While once boasting a rich tapestry of buildings and locations, the passage of time and the tribulations of history have seen much of Wiltspar's architecture reduced to dust. Yet, a spirit of determination and collective purpose prevails. The village now stands at a pivotal juncture, requiring collective efforts to reconstruct and rejuvenate its infrastructure. This shared aspiration unites the villagers in a common cause, breathing new life into the foundations of their home.

The inhabitants of Wiltspar have forged a tightly-knit community, each individual contributing their unique skills to the village's shared wellbeing. Among them, Harvesters gather the bounties of nature, Salvagers seek forgotten treasures amidst the remnants of the old ruins, Builders resurrect structures anew, Combatants defend against the encroaching unknown, Artisans run the buildings and provide both goods and services to the citizens of the Wiltspar, as well as to people outside of Centra in order to make a profit, and Champions recruit others to join the community and protect the tree. This intricate web of skills forms the backbone of the village's vitality and resilience.

Leading this spirited and diverse community is a figure of revered wisdom and extraordinary foresight. Known as The Oracle, Aurifar is a skilled divination Wizard whose commitment to the village knows no bounds. He dedicates all his time and energy to safeguarding Wiltspar and its majestic tree. Aurifar's guidance provides both direction and hope, serving as an embodiment of the village's indomitable spirit and its indelible bond with the arboreal wonder that stands as both guardian and catalyst.

In the heart of Centra, the Village of Wiltspar shines as a beacon of unity, magic, and rebirth. Its enduring residents, gifted in various crafts, have transformed their village into a tapestry of resilience and harmony, where the very essence of their community is interwoven with the boundless magic of the enigmatic Wiltspar tree.

Wiltspar Mechanics


  • Citizens who are assigned to a task will have their condition be reduced by 1 level at the conclusion of each event.
    • Excellent ➾ Good ➾ Fair ➾ Poor ➾ Unconscious ➾ Dead
      • A citizen who goes from Poor ➾ Unconscious must be put in Recovery by another citizen or at the start of the next event, they will be reduced to Dead.
      • The citizen that helps the Unconscious person is no longer available for assignment while the Unconscious citizen is in Recovery.
      • Additionally, for each Recovery Point gained by the Unconscious person, a Condition Level is lost by the helping person down to Poor. At this point, they are no longer able to assist.
      • Once a citizen regains consciousness, they may end their Recovery at any time.
  • After an event happens, any assigned person will have their Condition Level reduced by 1 level
    • Champions and Artisans are the exception.
      • Champions will lose one Condition Level if they are actively involved in an event or assigned a specific task that is outside their normal scope.
        • At the conclusion of a Recruitment mission, they will lose 1 Condition Level.
      • Artisans will lose 1 Condition Level if they are actively involved in an event or assigned a specific task that is outside their normal scope.


  • Citizens who are in Recovery from an event will start to heal themselves back to normal.
    • Unconscious ➾ Poor ➾ Fair ➾ Good ➾ Excellent
  • At the end of an event, those who are in Recovery will gain 1 Recovery Point.
    • Each Condition Level requires 2 Recovery Points to get to the next Condition Level.
    • A citizen may be removed from Recovery at any time. Any progress towards their next Condition Level will be lost.


  • Buildings may be constructed using the Resources accumulated in Wiltspar.
  • Citizens can then be assigned to start construction.
  • Depending on the Building Level, a different number of Resources and Gold will be required.
    • Level 1 (Black): 50 Resources
    • Level 2 (Green): 250 Resources + 500 GP
    • Level 3 (Blue): 500 Resources + 1000 GP
    • Level 4 (Magenta): 750 Resources + 1500 GP
    • Level 5 (Orange): 1500 Resources + 3000 GP
  • The duration of construction will be determined by citizen assignment and the total amount of Building Points needed for the project.
    • At the completion of an event, Building Points are assigned to each building based on the role and number of citizens involved in the construction.
    • Once the Building Points equal the total number required for completion, construction is finished.


  • Buildings need repairing after damage has been done to them.
    • Destroyed ➾ Poor ➾ Fair ➾ Good ➾ Excellent ➾ Reenforced
      • Reenforced is only available once researched at the Workshop.
  • Citizens may spend Resources to Repair damaged buildings.
  • If a building has been Destroyed, it can no longer be repaired, and must start as a brand new construction project at Building Level 1.
  • At the completion of an event, Building Points are assigned to each building based on the role and number of citizens involved in the construction.
  • A building's Condition Level will increase by 1 level when 20 Resources have been spent and the required number of Building Points have been obtained.

Complete List of Wiltspar Buildings

AGI: Wiltspar Alchemist's Lab Bank of Holding
Barracks Craftsman Hall Hammertime Workshop
Hugbear Farms Lumber Mill Sanctuary
Sprouted Archives Stables Walls of Wiltspar
Wiltsbar Wiltspar Tree Woodwill