The Wiltspar Tree

The Wiltspar, an extraordinary arboreal wonder that could make even the most seasoned lumberjack do a double-take, is a tree of legendary proportions. Standing tall, dark, and mysterious, this colossal black tree with delicate silver fibers coursing through its trunk is a sight to behold even in a world as filled with curiosities as Fynali. It serves as the heart and soul of the quaint village that bears its name, Wiltspar, nestled in the continent of Centra.

The Wiltspar possesses an otherworldly magic that seems to have a magnet-like effect on monsters from far and wide. These creatures are inexplicably drawn to the continent, turning Centra into the ultimate monster party destination that has kept decades of Wiltspar denizens on their toes.

For generations, the brave inhabitants of Wiltspar have dedicated their lives to protecting the tree and all that it represents. They've become expert monster wranglers, using an array of creative tactics to keep the peace and prevent their village from becoming an all-you-can-eat buffet for the monster masses.

Current Status

Building Level: 0
Condition: Excellent
Artisan: Penelope & Chauncey Stoutfoot

It's not just monsters that seem to be connected to this tree. The Wiltspar has roots, literally, throughout the entirety of Fynali, connecting with saplings scattered throughout the world. It's like having a worldwide network of botanical portals at your fingertips, or rather, your outstretched hand.

To unlock the secrets of this dendritic teleportation system, one must perform the ancient art of harmonizing with the Wiltspar. By placing your hand gently upon its rough yet strangely inviting bark, you establish a magical connection. Once in harmony, the Wiltspar grants you the ability to travel instantly to any other sapling in the world that you've also harmonized with.

But beware, dear adventurer! If you haven't taken the time to cozy up with the Wiltspar and its saplings, you'll be left scratching your head in confusion. To the uninitiated, these saplings will remain hidden from sight.

So, if you find yourself on the chaotic continent of Centra, make your way to the village of Wiltspar. Behold the grandeur of the towering black giant, with its shimmering silver veins and an aura of magic that would make even the most skilled wizard marvel.

Just remember, when faced with menacing monsters, always keep your wit as sharp as your sword, and never forget to give the Wiltspar a friendly pat on the trunk for good luck.

Happy harmonizing, brave traveler!

Building Level

Level 0

  • Can sustain a population of up to 30 citizens.
  • Can access basic information about Wiltspartans (name, race, class, and role).

Next Level (Level 1)

  • All benefits from previous levels.
  • Can sustain a population of up to 40 citizens.
  • Can access more information about Wiltspartans (skills, proficiencies, and languages).