NPC Compendium

We present a captivating overview of the remarkable NPCs that grace the lands of Fynali with their diverse and intriguing presence. Journey through the pages as we unveil the tales and legends of these extraordinary individuals and discover how their destinies intertwine with the fate of Fynali and the Platinum Talons.


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Owner of the Moonlight Carnival

Adalair appears as a tall, slender elven man, who, despite his gray hair --which adds an air of maturity--, maintains a youthful appearance. He wears a pair of thin-framed round glasses, and is usually seen in a three piece suit, the main pieces of which are in a seafoam green and turquoise blue color. He speaks with a distinguished and clear accent, but is no stranger to flights of grandiosity and theater. Although more subdued than his counterpart, it is clear that Adalair is quite fond of mischief and whimsy. But do not mistake his even keel and charm for weakness, else you make a fierce mistake. (Note: For a detailed account of Adalair and the Moonlight Carnival, please refer to his full page here.)


Elf, Leader of Wiltspar

Known as the Oracle, Aurifar is a venerable elven leader and the head of the Wiltspar community. Possessing immense power, he can smite a demonic dragon with a single blow from his staff of divination. Despite his sometimes difficult-to-read demeanor, Aurifar's heart is devoted to safeguarding the Wiltspar from any threats. His silver hair and sharp eyes reflect his wisdom, while his commanding and soothing voice exudes an air of authority and guidance. Throughout decades of service, he has been using his ability to see into the future to ensure the prosperity and safety of his people.

Bex "Bulldozer" Beefly

Tiefling, Paladin and Second-in-Command of the Beefly Bruisers

Bex "Bulldozer" Beefly, the stalwart second-in-command, stands as a fearsome Tiefling Paladin with an unyielding dedication to her Beefly family and a fierce determination to protect them. Her voice carries a tone of determination, reflecting her indomitable spirit. Armed with a warhammer and shield, her mastery in combat is matched only by her devotion to The Warden, the deity she worships. Bex charges into battle with fearless tenacity, plowing through enemies with a relentless drive. Her loyalty to the Beefly Bruisers is unwavering, and her strength serves as an inspiration to those who fight alongside her.

Biff "Bonecrusher" Beefly

Goliath, Barbarian of the Beefly Bruisers

Biff "Bonecrusher" Beefly, the burly Goliath barbarian, exudes bone-shattering strength and a simple-minded approach to life. His deep and gruff voice carries an air of rugged determination, befitting his formidable presence. Armed with a greataxe, Biff's skilled combat prowess allows him to deliver devastating blows without hesitation. His bold attitude leaves him unafraid of challenges, and he welcomes battle with open arms. Despite his lack of intellectual prowess, Biff's strength and courage are unmatched. As a true brawler of the team, he charges headlong into battle, facing adversity with unyielding resolve.

Brox "Beef" Beefly

Human, Fighter and Leader of the Beefly Bruisers

Brox "Beef" Beefly, the eldest "brother" and leader of the Beefly Bruisers, stands as a burly figure with a competitive fire that burns bright. His booming and commanding voice resonates with authority, a testament to his leadership among the team. Armed with a greatsword, his highly skilled combat techniques demonstrate his confidence and eagerness to prove himself. Brox loves both competition and the sweet taste of victory, driving him to push his limits and those of his team. As the charismatic Human fighter, he commands the respect and admiration of his fellow Bruisers, leading them into battle with unwavering determination.

Bryn "Backstab" Beefly

Half-Elf, Rogue of the Beefly Bruisers

Bryn "Backstab" Beefly, the team's agile Half-Elf rogue, possesses an uncanny blend of agility and cunning that makes her an invaluable asset to the Beefly Bruisers. Her voice carries a slick and alluring tone, embodying her adeptness at navigating tricky situations. Armed with daggers and a shortbow, her highly skilled combat techniques and sneak attacks showcase her competence. Bryn's approach towards strangers is wary and calculating, using her wits as a weapon to gain the upper hand. Her motivation lies in the thrill of outsmarting others, a talent she wields to her advantage. As a half-elf with an unconventional and unpredictable approach, she brings a unique flair to the team, always ready to spring into action and contribute her expertise in both combat and covert operations.


Minotaur, Registrar at Platinum City Coliseum

Crete is a brave Minotaur warrior who proved his loyalty to the Platinum Talons by helping them get registered for the Tiny Baby Bracket at the Warden's Festival. Though skeptical at first, he became an avid supporter after witnessing their prowess in the coliseum. His deep, gruff voice often contrasts his compassionate and protective nature, and he wields a massive greataxe with unparalleled skill. His brown fur and muscular build make him an imposing presence, but his newfound friendship with the Platinum Talons shows his capacity for trust and camaraderie.

Deathblossom (Deceased)

Astral Elf, Skilled Poisoner & Matriarch of the Sianfete Family

Deathblossom, the cruel wife of Hellspear and mother to Bloodmoon and Firebrook, was a masterful poisoner who supported her husband's violent deeds. She possessed a dark and sinister beauty, often using her poisoncraft to further their ambitions. Her demeanor was equally as violent and cruel as Hellspear's, making her a formidable and ruthless presence within the Sianfete family. Deathblossom was driven by her support for Hellspear's goals and was unafraid to employ deadly poisons to achieve their shared objectives. Her sinuous voice and sinister appearance served to enhance her deadly allure, making her a force to be reckoned with.

Deathblossom was killed by Vance Eddard in the Battle of the Darkness after she delivered a fatal blow to Bartholomew Watson.

Flossy Durdles

Goblin, Gladitorial Grand Slammer

Blake's former tag-team partner in Team Bring Your Daughter to Work Day. He was "Bad Dad Blake," she was "Lil Scamp." Presently, she's competing as "Dr. Shoesan Soulhammer, the Sinister Shoesmith of Selkath." Flossy is probably the closest thing Blake has to a friend in the GGS. The two of them genuinely love what they do. Whether it's the GGS or the big city tournaments, they always get cast as the villains, but they always tear down the house anyway. Like Blake, Flossy wishes she could be booked to win the championship someday, but Farraday is quick to remind the pair that they're not championship material. Of the two of them, Flossy is much quicker to anger and far more likely to be engaged in criminal activity. She likes Blake, but thinks he's kind of a rube.

Elliott the Eternal Tormentor

Demilich, Tormentor of Souls (Eternally)

This sinister Demilich is said to dwell deep within hidden tombs in the treacherous jungles of Centra, ensnaring those who dare enter with deadly traps. Legends speak of an elite organization which once beckoned adventurers to slay Elliott the Eternal Tormentor and claim his crown for a coveted place among their ranks. The tomb holds many secrets, including mysterious elemental symbols yet to be deciphered. Countless have vanished seeking the tomb's location, and those who entered rarely returned. The once active "Great Calling" is lost to time, leaving the fate of Elliott the Eternal Tormentor shrouded in mystery. (Note: For a detailed account of Elliott the Eternal Tormentor, please refer to his full page here.)

Adrian Grayforge (Deceased)

Human, Artificer & Proprietor of Adventurers' Guild International

Adrian Grayforge, a vibrant figure in Clefshire during the third Century of the Warden, left an indelible mark on Fynali as the ingenious creator of the Adventurers' Guild International. Bursting with cheer and grand enthusiasm, Adrian's warm demeanor endeared him to many. As an artificer and inventor, he pioneered numerous technological marvels that shaped the world. His passion for adventuring and questing fueled his creative endeavors, and his legacy lives on, as his spirit of exploration and innovation continues to inspire adventurers with the ever-growing AGI's influence.

Hellblade (Deceased)

Astral Elf, Right Hand of Hellspear

Hellblade, not to be confused with Hellspear, was a Lieutenant within the Sianfete family during Firebrook's birth. Highly ambitious and skilled in tactics, subterfuge, infiltration, and corruption, he swiftly rose through the ranks. Hellblade's grandest achievement was thwarting a kidnapping attempt on young Firebrook, solidifying his place in the family. His actions earned him a high-ranking position, and he became one of the Sianfete family's most effective agents. Hellblade's face bore permanent acid scarring due to a magical incident involving Firebrook. He was a masterful manipulator who exuded a smooth and calculated demeanor, making him a formidable figure within the family's hierarchy.

Hellspear was killed by Vance Eddard during a battle in the Watson Manor.


Astral Elf, Patriarch of the Sianfete Family & Leader of the Order of Righteous Conflict

Hellspear, the ruthless and imposing leader of the Sianfete family, is an impossibly skilled warrior known for traveling across planes. His mastery of combat is unmatched, wielding a hellish spear with deadly precision. Dangerous, ruthless, and cruel, he worships a hellish entity and has sacrificed countless lives to it. Married to Deathblossom, with two children, Firebrook and Bloodmoon, Hellspear leads a dangerous cult known as the Order of Righteous Conflict. His thirst for power and ambition knows no bounds, and he stands as a formidable force in his pursuit of domination.


Construct, AGI Expert

J3551CA is the uniquely crafted administrative assistant born from Adrian Grayforge's ingenious mind. Initially a loyal guardian of Adrian and the AGI's secrets, she fell victim to the Arcane Storm's mischief, causing confusion and aggression. Cured by the Platinum Talons after 600 years of dormancy, J3551CA emerged as a wrist-worn device, a knowledgable companion seeking synchronization for enhanced capabilities. (Note: For a detailed account of J3551CA, please refer to her full page here.)

King Lionel Hymore

Human, Leader of Terriah

King Lionel Hymore is a towering figure, with a thick beard and wild mane of curly brown hair that seems to defy all attempts at grooming. His jovial face is etched with laugh lines, and his sparkling blue eyes twinkle with mirth. He is often seen in brightly-colored tunics that seem to clash with his wild appearance. Outwardly more interested in cracking jokes than waging war, King Lionel is known for his jovial and good-humored nature. His skills with the longsword make him a formidable and competent warrior, treating strangers as potential friends rather than enemies with his boisterous and friendly voice.

Queen Magdalena Hymore

Half-Elf, Queen of Terriah

Queen Magdalena Hymore is a vision of grace and elegance, with a mane of golden hair that falls in soft waves around her face. Her skin is tan and flawless, and her carefully-arranged features convey both beauty and intelligence. She is always impeccably dressed, with flowing gowns that seem to shimmer with their own inner light. Queen Magdalena speaks with a careful and measured voice, maintaining a polite and reserved demeanor towards strangers until she gets a sense of their character. She is genuinely amused by her husband's antics while maintaining a sense of calm and composure.

Crash Ironfist

Amethyst Dragonborn, Tinkerer & Youngest of Ironfist Triplets

Crash Ironfist is a brilliant yet eccentric tinkerer known for his inventive creations. Despite his unconventional approach, Crash's intelligence and creativity shine through in his work, often building creations that are an affront to both gods and men. He marches to the beat of his own drum, driven by curiosity and a desire to push the boundaries of innovation. He wears goggles/glasses with two different types of lenses in each eye, giving his eyes the appearance of being mismatched, which only adds to his chaotic nature. He is the youngest of the Ironfist Triplets, and is a rare hybrid color due to his parents' phenotypes.

Lyla Ironfist

Blue Dragonborn, Weaver & Middlest of Ironfist Triplets

Lyla Ironfist is an expert weaver and creates beautiful and unique pieces of fashion-forward art, which are also very functional to any adventurers who might buy and wear them. She is airy and free-spirited, moving where the whims take her to find her muse. She is often very imaginative and frequently lost in daydreams. She reads romance novels almost exclusively when she is not working on her weaving.

Milo Ironfist

Brass Dragonborn, Jeweler & Eldest of Ironfist Triplets

Milo Ironfist is a skilled jeweler who has a knack for creating unique and interesting pieces. He is a mild-mannered child, and astutely analytical and observant. He thinks things through before acting, and although he is technically a triplet, he takes on the role of the much older sibling, often trying to guide is more unconventional siblings toward safety or practicality.

Seluna Ironfist

Blue Dragonborn, Leatherer & Matriarch of the Ironfist Family

Seluna Ironfist is a skilled leatherer who worked alongside her husband Talune in Platinum City. She was apprenticing in the adjoining leather shop when Brawlmart's influence and unmatchable deals put her and her husband's shop out of business. Despite facing adversity, Seluna remains resilient and a warm, nurturing presence to her large family.

Talune Ironfist

Brass Dragonborn, Blacksmith & Patriarch of the Ironfist Family

Talune Ironfist is a skilled blacksmith and former shop owner in Platinum City. His jovial personality and expertise in smithing have earned him respect among his peers. However, his business was recently shut down by Brawlmart, a retail giant. Now, Talune seeks to rebuild his life and protect his family from further hardship. He is married to Seluna Ironfist.

Farraday Lawson

Half-Drow, CEO of Gladitorial Grand Slam

Farraday Lawson is the CEO and founder of the Gladitorial Grand Slam. He is Blake's boss and secretly the inspiration for Blake's "Rake" character. But while "Blake the Rake" is a fun and entertaining character, there is nothing funny about Farraday Lawson. His fellow aristocrats refer to him as "New Money" behind his back, but as a warning to each other more than an insult to his lineage. Farraday is the dangerous kind of "New Money." Nobody knows how he acquired his fortune, but everybody knows how that kind of ambiguity is bought: With threats, bribes, and violence. It was Farraday's idea to form a gladiatorial league with fake matches. Not because of any humanitarian concerns, but because it was cheaper and easier to make the same handful of gladiators fight over and over again rather than hiring new ones every time somebody was killed.

Darien Oakheart

Wood Elf, Champion of Wiltspar

Darien Oakheart is the older brother of Platinum Talon Nohki and an individual known for his bravery and sense of adventure. He is always willing to leap into battle or venture into dangerous ruins to rescue those in need, even at great personal cost. As a powerful druid and proficient combatant, he wields a quarterstaff and magic with strength and resolve. Darien's left hand and arm are wooden, remnants from when he was placed inside a Wiltspar Sapling by his mother to save them from harm during an attack on their village. He is driven by the motivation to protect others, particularly his brother Nohki, and his bravery and role as Champion makes him a revered figure among the Wiltspar community.

Junior Officer (aka BOJO)

Aasimar, Barracks Officer at Wiltspar

Barracks Officer Junior Officer, previously Deputy Officer Junior Officer before the Platinum Talons recruited him to run that Barracks at the Wiltspar, is a seasoned law enforcer with a strong and professional demeanor. He has traveled the world, assisting towns in need. Recently, he played a crucial role in aiding the Platinum Talons in their quest to remove the Darkness from Boymin. With a rapier at his side and a duty-bound approach, BOJO carefully assesses situations, preferring to understand before drawing conclusions.

Chieftain Ouglana

Orc, Leader of Gragthar

Chieftain Ouglana is a fierce and imposing figure, with skin the color of rich emeralds and long, sharp fangs that protrude from her lower jaw. Her muscular frame is clad in furs and leathers that speak of her people's rugged lifestyle, and she wields a massive staff that seems to hum with energy. Her deep, accented voice rumbles like thunder, leaving no doubt as to her authority and power. As an orc from the great region of Gragthar, Chieftain Ouglana is stoic and determined. Her exceptional skills with the staff make her a highly competent warrior, and she is wary and suspicious of strangers, taking time to evaluate their intentions and potential threat to her people. Her fierce protection of her people and unwavering determination make her a nearly unstoppable force on the world stage.

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