The Walls of Wiltspar

Rising proudly around the village of Wiltspar, the mighty Wiltspar Walls stand tall as the stalwart protectors of both the village and its revered namesake tree. These formidable fortifications serve as the first line of defense against the relentless onslaught of monsters that would dare to threaten the tree's tranquility and the safety of its cherished inhabitants.

Current Status

Building Level: 1
Type: Wood
Artisan: None

With unwavering dedication, brave combatants often stand vigilant over the walls, their watchful eyes scanning the horizon for any signs of danger. Their presence offers solace to the villagers, assuring them of the protection afforded by these sturdy barriers. The combatants' bravery and commitment are matched only by the enduring spirit of Wiltspar itself.

The walls, sturdy as they may be, bear the scars of countless battles fought in the name of safeguarding the village and its majestic tree. Near-constant repairs are required to maintain their integrity, with skilled builders often called on to mend each crack and reinforce every section. Their efforts are a testament to the indomitable spirit of Wiltspar, refusing to yield to the threats that loom beyond its borders.

Building Level

Level 1

  • Scouting Level 1
  • Wall's Guard Towers will give a mild boost to militia while defending away from the wall.

Next Level (Level 2)

  • Scouting Level 2
  • All benefits from previous levels.
  • Wall Traps will give a mild boost to militia while defending at the wall.