Craftsman Hall

This bustling establishment serves as a hub where a diverse collection of skilled artisans gather to showcase their exceptional wares, making it a place where artistry meets ambition.

The hall is a small two-story wonder, laid out like a delightful flea market. Each craftsman has their own dedicated space, meticulously organized with tools, materials, and a treasure trove of related paraphernalia. It's a vibrant kaleidoscope of creativity, where visitors can peruse the offerings of these masterful artisans.

Within these charming walls, you'll find a diverse array of craftsmen, each with their unique skills and talents. There's a jeweler who breathes life into precious gems, a tinkerer with a knack for crafting whimsical contraptions, a blacksmith who forges both practical tools and intricate art, a leatherworker who shapes fine hides into works of functional beauty, and a weaver & cobbler who weaves tales through threads and stitches.

Current Status

Building Level: 1
Type: Wood
Artisan: Ironfist Family

Visitors to the Wiltspar Craftsman Hall can expect to find an astonishing array of handcrafted treasures. From intricate jewelry to whimsical gadgets, from sturdy tools to supple leather goods, and from woven textiles to finely-crafted footwear, there's something to captivate the imagination and satisfy every taste.

So, whether you seek a unique gift, a practical tool, or simply the pleasure of witnessing the artistry of Wiltspar's skilled craftsmen, make sure to explore the vibrant aisles of the Wiltspar Craftsman Hall. It's a place where artistry flourishes, ambitions take shape, and every visit is an adventure waiting to be uncovered.

Building Level

Level 1

  • Skill training in Artisan's Tools, Blacksmithing, Lapidary, Leatherworking, Tinkering, Weaving.
  • Access to +1 weapons and metal armor.
  • Access to +1 leather armor.
  • Access to +1 clothing and footwear.
  • Access to Common Jewelery and Contraptions.

Next Level (Level 2)

  • All benefits from the previous level.
  • Access to +2 weapons and metal armor.
  • Access to +2 leather armor.
  • Access to +2 clothing and footwear.
  • Access to Uncommon Jewelery and Contraptions.