DOJO's Dojo

The Wiltspar Barracks are more than just a place of training for the village's valiant defenders. It's a refuge where warriors come to rest, rejuvenate, and prepare for battles to come. This unique establishment combines the essence of rustic charm with the necessities of a warrior's life, offering a multifaceted experience like no other. Upon completion of the barracks, the Talon-selected artisan, Deputy Officer Junior Officer, decided to name the building 'DOJO's Dojo.'

The Wiltspar Barracks stands as a humble but sturdy structure, adorned with vines and ivy that blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. Weathered stone walls give it an aura of timelessness, while a grand, intricately carved archway welcomes warriors and visitors alike.

Inside, the barracks surprises with its balance of practicality and indulgence. The living quarters provide combatants with a cozy respite, their humble furnishings contrasting warmly with the roughness of battle. But the real treat lies beyond the bunks, in a surprising addition that sets this barracks apart.

A day spa, specializing in easing the harsh conditions of battle, offers a pampering experience like no other. Here, warriors can indulge in soothing massages, soak away their aches in mineral-rich baths, and savor herbal teas that rejuvenate both body and spirit. The scent of lavender and eucalyptus wafts through the air, soothing weary souls and mending battle-worn bodies.

Current Status

Building Level: 1
Type: Wood
Artisan: DOJO

Beyond relaxation and armament, the barracks offers a well-equipped training ground. Combatants can practice their skills on multiple types of dummies, hone their aim on targets, and peruse a treasure trove of training materials. It's a place where warriors evolve, ensuring that Wiltspar's defenders remain at the peak of their prowess.

So, as you venture through the village of Wiltspar, take a moment to appreciate the Wiltspar Barracks-- a haven where warriors are not just trained but pampered, where charm and practicality coexist, and where the defenders of this enchanting village find the strength to protect its serene beauty.

Building Level

Level 1

  • Skill training in Armor Proficiency, Weapons Proficiency, Shield Proficiency, Stealth, and Intimidation.
  • Citizen Physical Training.
  • Wiltspartans can train to become a Combatant.
    • If they have another village role, they will lose that role.
  • Combatants have 10% chance to maintain current condition status after after a combat event.

Next Level (Level 2)

  • All benefits from previous levels.
  • Citizen Physical Training (higher levels).
  • Combatants have 20% chance to maintain current condition status after after a combat event.