The Wiltspar AGI

Within the sanctuary of the majestic Wiltspar village, a new chapter of the Adventurers' Guild International has blossomed, brimming with resilience and determination. Emerging from the ashes of the most recent and devastating attack on the revered Wiltspar tree, the AGI Wiltspar location stands as a symbol of hope and the indomitable spirit of adventure.

This remarkable achievement owes its existence to the valiant efforts of the Platinum Talons, a legendary band of adventurers who lent their unwavering dedication to the cause. Through their work to raise the morale of the citizens and their efforts in rebuilding, they helped forge the foundation upon which AGI Wiltspar now proudly stands.

Current Status

Building Level: 1
Type: Wood
Artisan: Julie

At the heart of this budding AGI chapter, Julie, a beacon of knowledge, assumes the role of the AGI Concierge. With a mind overflowing with wisdom, Julie welcomes adventurers into the embrace of AGI Wiltspar. Her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering dedication make her a beloved figure, embodying the spirit of the village and the resilience of those who call it home.

AGI Wiltspar offers a haven for adventurers seeking respite and purpose. Within its walls, adventurers can find guidance from Julie, whose understanding of the local region and the harmonious connection with the Wiltspar tree runs deep. With each adventurer who sets foot in this newly formed haven, the village of Wiltspar finds solace in the knowledge that they are not alone in their noble quest to protect the invaluable Wiltspar tree and the continent of Centra.

Building Level

Level 1

  • Skills Training in Sleight of Hand, Playing Cards, and Games Proficiency
  • Global Quest Board with access to quests from AGIs throughout Ardesia.
  • Can access the AGI Concierge with knowledge of Centra and Ardesia.

Next Level (Level 2)

  • All benefits from previous levels.
  • Ability to claim up to TWO quests at a time at any AGI Location.
  • Global Quest Board expansion to one additional continent.