NPC Compendium

We present a captivating overview of the remarkable NPCs that grace the lands of Fynali with their diverse and intriguing presence. Journey through the pages as we unveil the tales and legends of these extraordinary individuals and discover how their destinies intertwine with the fate of Fynali and the Platinum Talons.


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Professor Pluveria

Aarakocra, Leader of the Arcane Archipelago; Headmaster of the Arcademy

Professor Pluveria is a remarkable figure, standing tall with a raven-like presence and a keen intellect. As the leader of the Arcane Archipelago and the head of the prestigious Arcademy, a school that offers a comprehensive education in all forms of magic, he exudes curiosity and a deep love for knowledge. His easy drawl and gentle tone welcome all who seek wisdom and understanding, making him respected by the students who pass through the hallowed halls of the Arcademy. Professor Pluveria dresses in attire reminiscent of daring adventurers, with a touch of elegance befitting a master mage. His wand and spellbook are ever-present, tools of his highly skilled magical abilities. In the north of the Palmedow continent, he stands as a beacon of wisdom and guidance, motivated by the pursuit of learning and the collection of knowledge. Many seek his guidance, and under his leadership, the Arcane Archipelago thrives as a haven for those most willing to learn the arcane arts. The legacy of his teachings echoes through the ages, leaving an indelible mark on all who pass through the Arcademy's doors.

Ricotti Ryse

Halfling, Bart's Mentor

Ricotti, a practical and sarcastic halfling rogue, plays a pivotal role in the struggle against the encroaching Darkness that looms over Boymin. Despite his brash exterior, Ricotti is a fiercely loyal ally, particularly to Bartholomew Watson, whom he taught the art of sleight of hand and roguery.

His extensive knowledge of Boymin and the formidable Order of Righteous Conflict, coupled with his resourceful nature, has made him a vital source of support for the Platinum Talons in their mission to combat the encroaching Darkness.

Grimm Seacut

Firbolg, Veteran Soldier of the Dire Wolves

Grimm, a firbolg of mysterious origin, grew up estranged from his family due to his parents' unconventional romance. Raised in a nomadic lifestyle, he learned combat skills from his resilient mother and inherited woodworking expertise from his father. Settling in Skifta, Grimm and his family embraced farming, finding acceptance and camaraderie in the friendly village. His life took a drastic turn when the War of W990 broke out, leading to his exceptional military service alongside his friend Thorn. The duo earned the Crimson Valor award for their work within the elite Dire Wolves, sacrificing their previous identities for the sake of duty. Post-war, Grimm retired to a farm near Keystone, grappling with the disappearance of his friend and the unspoken truth that lingers in his heart. (Note: For a detailed account of Grimm Seacut, please refer to his full page here.)

Lady Selkath

Dragon, Leader of Crystalia

Lady Selkath is a vision of icy beauty, with a mane of long, flowing blonde hair and piercing blue eyes that seem to bore into one's soul. Her skin is as pale as the snow in her homeland, and her lithe frame is clad in robes of shimmering white that seem to reflect the light around her. She appears poised and refined, with a calm and controlled voice. Lady Selkath is a white dragon in disguise, harboring a desire to maintain her power and influence, as well as protect her people from external threats. Though cool and distant at first, she assesses strangers' worth and potential motives before warming up to them. Her skills as a magic user and her prowess with the ice spear make her a formidable and competent opponent.

Toobert Sheelos

Tortle, Proprietor of 'Feats of Grandeur'

Toobert Sheelos is a very old and wise tortle man who runs a bookshop in Platinum City called "Feats of Grandeur." His shop sells magical books that allow readers to learn advanced and specific skills known as Feats. Though he speaks slowly, Toobert is kind, patient, and always eager to share his vast knowledge with others. Proud of his work and the magical feats he preserves, he plays a crucial role in imparting unique abilities to those who seek them.

Archon Xenia Slade

Half-Elf, Leader of Verastin

Archon Xenia Slade is a fierce warrior, with sharp features and piercing green eyes that seem to miss nothing. Her tan skin is etched with scars from countless battles, and her black hair is kept short and tidy. She wears armor that is both functional and ornate, with intricate designs that speak of her rank and status. As a half-elf from Verastin, a region in constant conflict with its neighbors, Archon Xenia is ferocious and calculating. Her skills with the bow and arrows make her a highly competent marksman, and she is known for her fierce and aggressive voice that commands respect and strikes fear into her opponents.

Chauncey Stoutfoot

Harengon, Co-Secretary of Wiltspar

Chauncey Stoutfoot is the twin brother of Penelope and serves as one of the secretaries at the Wiltspar. He is described as moody with disheveled fur and weary eyes. With a sullen and broody disposition, he gives off an indifferent and disinterested vibe, yet excels in providing essential information about the inhabitants of Wiltspar and their abilities. Chauncey is a proficient programmer and creator of the Disk Cord communication system, a technological advancement that facilitates communication within the community. He seems more engaged with his inventions than in personal interactions.

Penelope Stoutfoot

Harengon, Co-Secretary of Wiltspar

Penelope Stoutfoot, a young harengon woman, serves as one of the Wiltspar secretaries alongside her twin brother Chauncey. With boundless energy and an ever-positive attitude, she is a compassionate and highly competent individual. Penelope maintains a massive book of information that she constantly updates, aiding her in supporting the community and making it thrive. She co-created the Wiltspar Reconstruction Program and is always full of ideas to improve the community.

Dr. T

Dwarf, Proprietor of The Thistle House

Dr. T, the Dwarf owner of the Thistle House in Boymin, is a shrewd tavern owner with a deep city-rich accent. Trained in transfiguration magic at the Arcademy, he is both generous and discerning, protecting his business interests. During the Darkness crisis, he crossed paths with the Platinum Talons in Boymin, showcasing his compassion and business acumen in times of adversity.

Tali (Deceased)

Celestial but appears as Dwarf, Master Illusionist

Tali, a formidable female dwarf with long ruby-colored hair, is an ally to both the Platinum Talons and Ricotti in their ongoing and shared quest to combat the encroaching Darkness that haunts Boymin and the surrounding areas. Her devil-may-care attitude, expressed through her bold personality, often appears at odds with her outwardly gentle choice of pastel-colored robes.

Beneath this contrasting facade lies a master illusionist of unparalleled skill. Tali's spellwork enables her to craft illusions of such realistic detail that they border on the extraordinary. These illusions extend to the creation of two notable challenges that have tested the mettle of the Talons in their pursuit of light amidst the encroaching shadow: The Illusory Darkness Dragon, a beguiling creation that lured the Talons into combat in the woods outside of Boymin, and the enigmatic Wonder House Illusion, a complex puzzle and Matryoshka doll of illusions nestled inside of a rather ordinary looking home in the Boymin residential district.

Tiphanie Tiller

Half-Elf, Chipper Child

Tiphanie Tiller, a half-elf child previously afflicted with Shackle Bones, had her life transformed when Firebrook combined his abilities with that of the Warden's Shield and cured her condition. Now residing in Wiltspar Village with her brother Zeb, she enjoys the newfound ability to walk and explores the world with a curious and trusting spirit.

Zeb Tiller

Half-Elf, Wiltspar Bank Artisan

Zeb Tiller, a half-elf with a keen interest in counting, previously worked at Inkling's Bookstore in Platinum City. His encounter with the Platinum Talons led to a new life at Wiltspar, where he found joy in counting at the Wiltspar Bank of Holding. Known for his helpful and inquisitive nature, Zeb is a treasure who helps to keep Wiltspar Village running.


Owner of the Moonlight Carnival

Trixie appears as a small gnome woman with a common expression that is at once painfully bored and remarkably vexed. She has a mass of thick and curly black hair that is often twisted into a high, careless bun. She wears spiked hide armor that is a few shades lighter and pinker than her violet eyes, and, if she carries a weapon, it has always remained concealed. She speaks with the accent of a receptionist from the far off plane of 'Jersey,' and with a tone that, at kindest, would be considered flippant. Trixie gives off the energy of someone who would laugh very hard at compilations of people falling down staircases, or an angry toddler who would happily rip the nose off of a clown at a birthday party. Yet, do not be fooled by her petulance and apparent youth, as she knows much more than she has ever willingly divulged. (Note: For a detailed account of Trixie and the Moonlight Carnival, please refer to her full page here.)

Edwina Twylle

Fairy, Owner of Sprightly Spirits; Artisan of Wiltsbar

Edwina Twylle is a fairy woman with the same soft brown hair as her son, Ollie, and big amber eyes. Her wings resemble those of a white swallowtail butterfly. She runs a shop in Platinum City called "Sprightly Spirits," where she sells alcohols of her own distilling that produce magical effects in those who drink them. Edwina is mild-mannered and lightly exasperated by her son's antics, but she supports and loves him dearly. She accepted the Platinum Talons' invitation to join the Wiltspar community and runs "The Wiltsbar," the inn there.

Ollie Twylle

Fairy, Precotious Kiddo

Ollie Twylle is a lively and high-spirited fairy child, with floppy brown hair, big green eyes, and moth-like wings. His high-pitched voice reflects his enthusiasm, which sometimes leads him to cast unintended spells. Ollie is always ready for an adventure and eagerly demonstrates his magical prowess to impress others. His desire to help led him to lead the Platinum Talons into a dangerous cave, nearly putting himself in harm's way. Along with his mother, he joined the Wiltspar community to help her run the Inn.

Chancellor Ulrich Alden Darling/Typhon

Celestial, but appears as an Elf; Leader of Iridea

Typhon is a distinguished leader, guiding Platinum City with wisdom and valor as one of the esteemed Divine Protectors. His pivotal role as a Founding Member of the Keepers of Destiny solidifies his place in history. Typhon selflessly bestowed his power upon the Warden's Chosen, joining forces to vanquish the threat of Solana and safeguard the realm. (Note: For a detailed account of Chancellor Ulrich Alden Darling, aka Typhon, please refer to his full page here.)

Emporer Valerius Tyr

Elf, Leader of Tyrrus

Valerius Tyr is a striking figure, with sharp features and a piercing gaze that seems to look right through you. His pale skin is almost otherworldly, and his black hair falls in loose waves around his face. He is always impeccably dressed, with fine silks and velvets that speak of his wealth and power. His arrogance and bloodthirsty nature often lead him to regard others as beneath him until they prove their worth. As an elf, his swordsmanship with the greatsword is impressive and makes him a confident and competent warrior, striking fear in the hearts of his enemies with his well-spoken and commanding voice.


Human, Harbormaster in Shoalbank

Uhfritz is a reliable and resourceful human harbormaster in Shoalbank. His gruff voice reflects his confidence and professionalism in handling his duties. He plays a crucial role in the Platinum Talons' journey, taking them across the storm-tossed waters to Conclave Island and assisting them in their return to Platinum City with his horse, Woefritz. His sturdy build and weathered features attest to his experience and dedication to ensuring safe passage and protecting his home city's interests.

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