Elliott the Eternal Tormentor

Elliott the Eternal Tormentor is a name that sends shivers down the spines of adventurers across the world of Fynali. Or, at least, it would if anyone who encountered him were still around or in any shape to tell his tale. This sinister and unyielding Demilich is said to dwell deep within hidden tombs nestled amidst the treacherous jungles of Centra. Legends tell of an elite organization that beckons adventurers to slay Elliott the Eternal Tormentor and return with his crown, promising them a coveted place among their ranks. However, the challenge posed by the Eternal Tormentor is not to be taken lightly, for his tomb is ensnared with hundreds of deadly traps, leaving those who dare enter with little chance of surviving, let alone succeeding.

However, before the brave can even face the tomb's treacherous trials, they must first undertake the formidable task of locating Elliott's hidden lair. This elusive information, scattered in whispers and cryptic clues throughout the vast expanse of Fynali, takes the average adventurer two or more seasons to unravel. And many have embarked on this journey, never to be heard from again.


Race: Demilich
Class: Unknown
Type: NPC - Enemy
First Seen: Tomb of Horrors One-Shot

Elliott the Eternal Tormentor's chilling presence has lured countless adventurers into his nightmarish lair, each seeking to claim the crown that promises power and prestige. But as the tales go, very few have succeeded in doing so, and the vast majority have lost their lives, their souls, or both in the crypt. Among the unfortunate souls who ventured into the tomb and did not venture back out were Bob the Brutal, Enora Ironheel, Gary the Gullible, and the renowned Vanros Vane. Their names are etched into the annals of history as victims of the fiendish challenges presented by Elliott Eternal Tormentor, becoming cautionary tales for all who dare to face him.

The tomb itself is said to hold many secrets, including strange elemental symbols scattered throughout its labyrinthine depths. Adventurers have marveled at the odd markings, yet none have been able to untangle their meaning or purpose. At least, none that have returned to tell the tale.

Once referred to as "The Great Calling," the beacon that shone out through the world to summon adventurers to help slay Elliott the Eternal Tormentor is no longer active. The location has been lost to time, and the trial no longer offers the promise of acceptance into an elite organization; none can even be sure such an organization still exists, if it ever did. Perhaps Elliott the Eternal Tormentor still calls from the depths, hungry for the souls of the foolish adventurers who once delivered themselves right to his doorstep centuries ago.