Adalair & Trixie

The Moonlight Duo

The Moonlight Carnival is a strange and fleeting boat that bobs through the astral plane, unteathered from time itself. But stranger than that are the two mercurial beings that run the carnival.


Race: Unknown
Class: Unknown
Type: NPC
First Seen: Touched By Fate

Adalair and Trixie are two sides of the same coin, and although they have so very graciously invited the Platinum Talons time and time again into their stunning, mobile carnival, there is not much known about these two. And why is that, you ask? Well, because the Platinum Talons have refused to ask even a single question about them. Not a favorite color or warmest memory. Even so, Adalair and Trixie are some of the most colorful characters that the Talons have met, and the little that is known about them so far is as such.

Adalair appears as a tall, slender elven man, who, despite his gray hair --which adds an air of maturity--, maintains a youthful appearance. He wears a pair of thin-framed round glasses, and is usually seen in a three piece suit, the main pieces of which are in a seafoam green and turquoise blue color. He speaks with a distinguished and clear accent, but is no stranger to flights of grandiosity and theater. Although more subdued than his counterpart, it is clear that Adalair is quite fond of mischief and whimsy. But do not mistake his even keel and charm for weakness, else you make a fierce mistake.

Trixie appears as a small gnome woman with a common expression that is at once painfully bored and remarkably vexed. She has a mass of thick and curly black hair that is often twisted into a high, careless bun. She wears spiked hide armor that is a few shades lighter and pinker than her violet eyes, and, if she carries a weapon, it has always remained concealed. She speaks with the accent of a receptionist from the far off plane of 'Jersey,' and with a tone that, at kindest, would be considered flippant. Trixie gives off the energy of someone who would laugh very hard at compilations of people falling down staircases, or an angry toddler who would happily rip the nose off of a clown at a birthday party. Yet, do not be fooled by her petulance and apparent youth, as she knows much more than she has ever willingly divulged.

The Moonlight Carnival

And what of the Moonlight Carnival? Well, that, even less is known about. Because, despite being teleported rather willy-nilly into the astral plane and onto a large and fantastical boat that has MUCH more to offer than the dinky Dream Suite, the Platinum Talons have asked maybe like three questions about it. Seriously, like... literally three. So, in terms of what is known about the Carnival, the Talons know that it extends the entire length of the massive boat, and there are other people who are able to board it, though the crtieria for boarding it isn't yet known.

The Dream Suite is a small part of the Carnival, and one most visited by our "heroes." They seem to be only able to access it while sleeping, and when invited by the Moonlight Duo. Once in the Dream Suite, the Talons are able to see each other, and a sea of blurry faces. They have recently noticed a few more familiar faces, such as Grooge, Deathblossom, and one of the Order of Righteous Conflict members that they killed to keep him from spilling their secrets. No one remembers his name, and it's probably not important, so don't worry about it. And unfortunately, visitors to the Dream Suite are unable to access the rest of the Carnival, which was disclosed to the Talons the first time they arrived.

As more is learned about the Moonlight Carnival and/or Adalair and Trixie, it will be added to this page. But until then, this is basically it.