Before Mountains

These mountains are said to have been the only landform on the face of the planet before the Guardians crashed down. Because they were built by the Guardians instead of made of the Guardians, these mountains are one of the most consistent and potent sources of ambient magic on Roost. | -Professor Ulysses

The Before Mountains are centered in the Materhawk continent, taking up a large portion of the Terepip and Wen regions. Multiple mountain passes have been carved through the range to allow easier passage. The Arlon Rail runs the length of the range throughout the Terepip region, but cuts through the mountains as it crosses into Wen.

Multiple species of animals, creatures, and peoples live in, around, and among these vast, precipitous peaks, including the Duergar, Svirfneblin, Basilisks and Cloakers.


Location: Materhawk
Length: 4,200 miles
Highest Peak: Falconcrest (18,000 ft)

Art by flaviobolla