Why does he cook/ Where is he from

Fernbosk. Wild/Untamed. Lived in smaller groups spread out through a jungle. (20 ish). All groups got together yearly for a festival for celebration, bartering, etc. Part of the festival involved eating food cooked by various groups. Gyome developed an interest in why one dish was better then the others despite similar main ingredients. Talked with cooks and started recipe books. In early 20s became a popular chef at the festival.

Why did he leave

Bored with repetition of foods, heard about school where people come from all over. Figured he could expand his recipe books. Left, got a job as an entry level cook.

Experience in Strixhaven

School had an adventuring class with survival training and rudimentary cooking. Gyome got permission to offer an advanced course with more emphasis on combining things in the wild to add flavor. Became popular with the witherbloom students whose coursework keeps them closer to nature.

Combining Magic/Cooking

Warlock(Lisette) took his cooking class and noticed some ingredients were also used in spells. Worked together to create buffing dishes people could prep in the wild. (Intro to Culimancy, Advanced Culimancy)

How did he become a warlock

Learned basics from Lisette, Dean of the Root. Enrolled in night classes in 40s.