Well, I'm a changeling, which usually results in mixed reactions from people. I didn't even know that I was this until recently. I go by two different names Artem, a fierce huntress who has a deep connection with the circle of life, and Airmed, who some may describe as a healer, but I would describe myself more as a student of lifeforce manipulation.

My story begins in the College of Strixhaven as I don't remember anything prior to coming here since I was so little. I was brought there by my Flurb, Flurb Clergson, the head building operations manager at Strixhaven. I suppose he is the closest thing I have to a family since neither of us know who my parents are.

I'm currently a Witherbloom Mage in my 2nd year. "Get your hands dirty" is our motto. Witherbloom campus is a strange marriage between life and death, its perfect. People come from all over Roost to study healing and necromantic arts by our esteemed faculty.

This year has been very strange. Valentin, the Dean of the Vein and Lisette, the Dean of the Root, are constantly at odds with one another...more so than usual. Most of the mages of Witherbloom choose a specialty healing or necromancy and it is sort of a game the Deans play to coax you on to their team. I'm one of the few remaining in my class to pick a side. If it were up to me, I would walk the line between both forever.

Recently the Deans have been incredibly persistent, having full out arguments and sometimes brawls over me to pick their side. Luckily or unluckily enough one of the more esteemed professors, Serafina Onyx, I mean Lilliana Vess, sorry still getting used to it, has taken an interest in my foolish desire to master both sides of the coin.

Poor Professor Vess, talk about a tragic backstory. The love her life sacrificing himself to save her and the world she comes from. The pain and guilt that she must feel combined with the fact that she is supposedly immortal now is truly a sad life to lead. But she has opened more in the past months taking me on as her apprentice.

As part of my study, she has asked me to go into the field and experience both life and death in new ways. She has provided me with a grimoire to detail the attributes and abilities of all the monsters I meet. Field study she is calling it, I'm nervous but also excited to see myself find a way to harmonize life and death.

Backstory by Nick