Chief Paws

Working as a bartender in the largest, most polished establishment in a bustling corporate city did not fill the hole in the young feline, Chief Paws. As the young cat became more detached from the world surrounding them, their emotional state grew more erratic. With every drink poured to an uptight, well-dressed, over-cooked, frothing pile of waste, Chief Paws lost their will to be a part of the chaotic and treacherous world.

Becoming more withdrawn, isolated and angry with every moment, Chief Paws would be forced to listen to the bright chirping of elites as they laughed and hollered at the people whose very lives they were destroying.

One night, after overhearing one particularly rude patron, Mr. Raton, ramble on and on about how he had bought -well, stolen- all the land and goods from a community of poor dairy farmers by using criminal enterprises to drive the price down and force their hands, the chief had heard enough. They stalked Mr. Raton home that night and took the first opportunity they had to cut out his tongue. Chief Paws was quick and stealthy and knew there was no way that they would be caught for their crime – as if there was any injustice. What did concern Chief Paws was the rush that this attack had given them. Their emotions were a mix of feeling as though they had woken up, after sleeping in the parallelogram of light that the sun makes as it shines through the window onto the floor, and the loneliness of knowing that they had crossed a line that few would ever dream of.

With this, Chief Paws fled to North Hexdove to be alone, away from the slog of suffering in the drain of society, and connect with something more spiritual. Deep in the isolated tundra, Chief Paws connected with their spirit through nature. As such, Chief Paws had decided to dedicate their many remaining lives to ensure the cohesion of the million plants and creatures that find themselves nested in roost. By preserving the natural world, the Chief connects with something much larger. Chief Paws could not tell you what this "something larger" is, however, nothing makes them happier than an attempt to describe it. Chief Paws feels it when the snow crunches under their paws, and when the wind blows through their fur. They know that it forms a connection with the past, the future and the present; everything gone and everything coming. Accepting this role in the universe, Chief Paws knows that they do not have to understand what this feeling is, only that they are there to serve its purpose. It's nothing more than a feeling, a feeling they've named: Pawl.

One morning after leaving their den, Chief Paws ran through the tundra in search of this feeling only to find their adopted home barren and torn apart by the raging tides of big industry. As Chief Paws attempted to resolve their anger, their mind became flooded with memories of their violent past. They became obsessed with the sweet release that tails them once they become unhinged. There was a curtain protecting the predatory birds that drive corporate Roost, and it had just fallen. Out of the bag, Chief Paws darted, headed to Gilding to restore justice as they saw fit.

Backstory by Brian