Roost's Circumbinary Orbit

Roost orbits two suns of differing sizes: Dahl, the larger of the two suns, and Obere.

Due to its unique path around the two stars, a year on Roost is equal to 400 days, and spans the seasonal gambit from a blisteringly hot period to a freezing cold one. The presence of a naturally occuring and constant Arcane Storm at the center of Roost's orbit creates a shroud between the two suns, allowing a mostly even day-to-night cycle with a few exceptions throughout the year.

The year is broken up into four seasons:

  • The Radiant Season:

    • This is the hottest season of the year, reaching its hottest days toward the end of the season, before the onset of The Sowing Season. It is due to the close orbit of Roost around its largest sun, Dahl.

  • The Sowing Season:

    • This is the season for sowing and planting, and making the best use of the resources that will be regrown in The Blooming Season. It is a cooler and mostly temperate season with some chillier days in the middle of the season. The combination of the heat generated by the planet's proximity to Dahl during the Radiant Season as well as the insulating forces created by the ambient magic keep the planet warmer on this stretch of its orbit.

  • The Blooming Season:

    • This season is the most temperate season as Roost makes its way around its smaller sun, Obere. The Blooming is the most fruitful of the seasons and it is when all of the plants and crops that were planted during The Sowing Season are nearly or fully grown and ready to be harvested.

  • The Frost Season:

    • The Frost is the coldest season of the year, reaching its peak chill at the center of the season when the planet is at its furthest point from both suns. Remarkably, The Frost Season has a rather paradoxical characteristic: although it is the coldest season, it is among the brightest. During the middle of this season, the light from both suns provide daylight to more of the planet's surface, creating a cadence of sunlight resulting in only a few hours of darkness a day.

Each season is split evenly into 10 weeks of 10 days each, making each season 100 days, and each year 400 days.

The days of the week are named numerically:

Unon, Twon, Treon, Quaron, Quinton, Sixon, Septon, Octon, Novon, Deckon