Battle Report #2: Thetchery Mine

By: Artem/Airmed

Date: 68th of Radiant, 999 AOR

Location: Thetchery Mine, Exterior

Allies: Easy Marx, Warrick

Foes: Stone Golem

Others: N/A

Read The Kill: Gyome, Eldritch Blast

Overview: Encounter at Thetchery Mine. Following a blood sacrifice to open the entrance to the mines, a stone golem activated and attacked the Easy Marx. Without hesitation this massive creature began using strong elemental type powers to erupt the Earth around us causing us to lose our footings and be propelled upwards into the air. As if the devastating attacks weren't troublesome enough to deal with, the stone golem channeled some extraordinary energy to create projectile boulders that it could control. This whirlwind of stones encircled the party and would close in on them damaging those who could not avoid it.

The Easy Marx utilized a solid method of reducing damage caused by the golem and its stones. Chief Paws dealt directly with the golem by utilizing their new technique, stunning strike. With an abundance of ki, Chief Paws was able to successfully stun the golem several times throughout the battle heavily reducing the amount of attacks it could utilize. When an attack did happen, Corky and Airmed were prepared. Corky's Bane spell was especially effective in hindering the stone golem's whirlwind attacks and eruptions. Airmed took a unique approach to handling the incoming projectiles. He created a ring of water surrounding the golem and the party to slow the spinning rocks as they came inward to attack the party.

This effective defensive strategy allowed both Gyome and Leozumin to focus on an aggressive attack strategy. Both of these accomplished spell casters laid devastating Shatter spell attacks, one after a another. The back to back thunderous noise from the spell laid waste to the stone golem and even its projectiles.

Everyone worked together very well in mitigating attacks and actions by the stone golem while remaining protected and on the offensive.

Areas of excellence or improvement: Gyome made an incredible effort to stun the golem one round with his special spice blend. This certainly helped us maintain the advantage. Chief Paws' ability to deal continuous damage through punches while also being able to stun the golem is incredible. The utility these two brought to the battlefield could very well have been the deciding factor in our victory.

Population/Environment Impact: During the battle there was a large stone pile that exerted tremendous heat. Stefano Romano approached this and was instantly vaporized. This certainly seemed magical in nature but due to the ongoing battle it proved difficult to examine this further. Once the stone golem was defeated we were able to explore the mine. There were many survivors near the entrance who were very weak and malnourished. The survivors were safely lead out of the mine and brought back to town. Several miners were not as fortunate and they had perished while awaiting rescue. Upon our return to town we were met with many thankful citizens as well as a grateful mayor.

Teamwork Rating: A