Professor Bensen Ulysses

Bensen Ulysses was a professor at Strixhaven university for multiple decades. He taught primarily at the college of physical magic, Quandrix, and was a favorite professor among the students there. His favorite class to teach, Advanced Abstraction, used science and mathematics to explain magical anomalies in the universe. As he followed these pursuits, he learned of the existence of Snarls, a powerful and dangerous magical anomaly that few had researched or studied. When they learned of Professor Bensen's research, the administration at Strixhaven were none too happy. Snarls, a collection of multiple and contrary forms of magic, went against the very principle of the institution: magic was meant to be kept compartmentalized, or else risk the wellbeing of the planet by creating mutations of entangled magic.


Race: Loxodon
Class: Professor
Character Type: NPC - Ally
First Seen: Dude, Where's My Spatula?

Not to be deterred, the professor sought out the help of a Wizard named Gericho who was employed by the King of Materhawk. Together, they worked to better understand these magical anomalies and became the foremost experts on the topic as they dove deeper into the subject. Their research led them to unearth a plot by the king to strip magical resources from North Hexdove, which then caused the king to engage in some swift damage control. He sent his men to kill Gericho and, in order to try and harness the power of the Snarls, placed Bensen's soul inside of an orb.

Thirty years later, Bensen was rescued by The Easy Marx and reunited with his friend Gericho. With the threat of the Snarls more pressing than ever, he agreed to work with the team of adventurers to help them keep the word safe from the magic's destructive force, and to keep the knowledge of these anomalies out of the wrong hands.

Art via Opal Ink Art.