Kit Lafayette

Kit is a precotious young fairy who posted a quest at the Adventurers' Guild requesting assistancing translating a potential treasure map that his grandfather Mortimer Lafayette had written may years ago.

After his grandfather's passing, a curious Kit tried to decipher the letter himself to no avail. He offered any adventurer part of any treasure they found. When asked about his skills, he proudly announces his prowess for knot tying.


Race: Fairy
Class: Unknown
Character Type: NPC - Ally
First Seen: The Gilded City

The Easy Marx have seen him perform some substantial magic after receiving help from Leozumin and Airmed. He has been witnessed casting:

  • Detect Magic
  • Color Spray
  • Enlarge/Reduce

Following the events of Chapter 1, Artem encouraged Kit's mother to look into Strixhaven education for Kit, as he showed great potential. Artem wrote a letter of introduction for Kit that he gave to Kit's mother to give to Flerb Clergsen if they decided to pursue admission to the school.

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