Gericho grew up in Everness, an Elf colony located in the Risorial Woods. Although they were part of the Materhawk continent, they had their own internal hierarchy with an elected official and his council of advisors and ambassadors. Millora was the daughter of the Northern Ambassador, a man whose job it was to create and maintain relationships with the leaders of the Northernmost cities of Materhawk. She was an intelligent and well-traveled woman with long blonde hair and a propensity for magic. Her favorite place to visit in Everness was the bookstore, and it was one morning when Gericho's research brought him to the shop that he met Millora as they searched through the same shelf of books. They spoke at length about magic and spells and travel and geography, and before either had realized, it was nearly sunset.


Race: Elf
Class: Wizard
Character Type: NPC - Ally
First Seen: Dude, Where's My Spatula?

Gericho went back to the bookstore at the same time every day, hoping to see her again. A week after they had originally met, Millora showed up again. Every week from then on, they met in the morning at the bookstore and spent most of the day together. She helped him get a job at her father's manor as the Estate Magical Counsel, and after years of work, Millora's father recommended him to the King of Materhawk for the position of Court Mage. He could not imagine leaving unless Millora joined him, and so he asked her to marry him, which she eagerly accepted. Her father purchased them a manor in the centralmost providence of Materhawk, and Gericho created a Teleportation Circle to get to Gilding each day.

Benson Ulysses, a professor from Strixhaven University, would visit during the summers to assist Gericho with his research, and the two forged a bond of friendship through magical scholarship. It was after a few years of work there when Gericho learned that Millora was pregnant with their first child. During the summer before Millora's due date, Gericho and his professor friend uncovered information that the king was working with local merchants to strip the magical resources in North Hexdove, and when the King learned that they were working against him, he had his guards descend on Gericho's home to kill him.

When they heard the break in, waking them up in the middle of the night, Gericho and Millora fled toward their underground workspace. Gericho protected their backs as he and his wife made their way to the center of the chambers to escape through the teleportation circle. In a blink, a spell hit Millora, killing her instantly. When Gericho was able to comprehend what happened, he realized that the person who had killed his wife, a guard of the King, had come in through the teleportation circle. Furious, Gericho cast a spell that both killed the guard and injured himself. With the guard killed, Gericho used illusion magic through a trap door to make it appear as if he and his wife laid dead on the floor of the Hunting room. The guards who had come through the front door staged the room to make the deaths appear accidental and then left in order to alert the king of their successful mission. Gericho buried his wife in the backyard and created a flat rock as a headstone, the engraving of the love he carried for her on the backside of the stone. He assumed that his professor friend had received the same visit he had, and when he reached out the next day and heard no response, his suspicions were confirmed. He became a recluse in his own home, only leaving in disguise for food and books once a month. About a week before the events in the Tutorial Mission, Gericho learned that his Professor friend had not been killed, but had his soul placed into an orb, which had been given to Gilding's Minister. And so for the first time in decades, Gericho left his home to liberate his friend from the Minister.