Grimm Seacut

Authored by Ben

My father was a firbolg from a country other than Terriah and was estranged from his family due to his romance with my mother. My parents never told me where my father was from, nor why his family disapproved of my mother. The only clue they gave me was that his family was secluded, perhaps a hidden conclave of firbolgs. My mother, also a firbolg, was an only child, adopted at a young age by two kind humans that found her not far from an abandoned house. Her adoptive parents were old and ailing when she met my father, and they spent the beginning of their marriage burying her parents, and being rejected by his parents.

Not dissuaded by the hardships of their early marriage, upon their return to Terriah, my father opened a small carpentry shop and they soon had me, but financial hardships soon forced them to sell the shop, and we turned to a nomadic lifestyle. We soon began selling our hand-made wares in any town or village that would welcome us. Staying wherever we could find space, my mother had to defend us herself. She taught my father how to fight, and as soon as I was old enough to learn, my mother began to teach me. When I was nearly 19 (still young in firbolg years, but tall and strong compared to humans), some street thugs, who worked for a local gang, tried to rob us, but my mom and I defended our wares while my dad chased off the rest. When he came back, limping and bleeding, my parents decided it was time to find a permanent place to settle down.


Race: Firbolg
Class: Monk
Type: NPC - Ally
First Seen: Not Yet

Choosing a small village named Skifta to the northeast of Hope, we quickly settled down and became farmers. We grew mostly wheat and barley, but had a vegetable garden for ourselves, which quickly grew into a vegetable garden for us and our new neighbors. The locals were friendly and very welcoming, especially since my father specialized in all things woodworking.

Life continued for a few years, until another war broke out with Verastin. The first skirmishes were fought near our village, along the border. I was soon conscripted at the age of 23. During training, I excelled at hand-to-hand combat and could perform the slightest of magic spells due to my firbolg ancestry. I also met my friend and partner, Thorn, during training. Soon after, I saved my unit alongside Thorn, and we were given the Crimson Valor award. We both then joined the Dire Wolves, the special operations unit within the Terriahan military. However, joining this select unit meant cutting ties with our previous lives. We would be declared dead, and be across enemy lines for months or years at a time.

After we won the war, I retired to my own farm in Haysted provided by Thorn, where I grow fruits, flowers, and wheat for the nearby city of Keystone. Thorn's former lover, Lara, visits every once in a while, hoping to hear news of him. I haven't the heart to tell her that he up and vanished out of his bed one night, leaving all of his things in his room.