Platinum City

Platinum City, the jewel of the continent Ardesia, shines as a bustling hub of commerce, culture, and knowledge. But its true claim to fame is its unmatched reputation for safety. Considered "the safest city in the world," Platinum City spares no expense in ensuring the protection of its citizens.

Tall and thick walls not only encircle the city in its entirety but also divide it into distinct districts. Beyond these walls, Platinum City boasts two formidable protective features: a magical dome that envelops the city in a 'Zone of Truth' spell, and the ever-vigilant Sentinels that stand guard throughout the city.

The magical dome, fueled by the magic of all those who dwell within its bounds, sustains the Zone of Truth spell that binds all beings to honesty. The Sentinels, with their spiked armor and imposing single eye, patrol the city, need only ask if anyone has committed or is planning to commit a crime within the bounds of the city in order to determine the presence or potential presence of any criminals. Any who dare to break the law are swiftly brought to justice.

While the city's strict protection measures may seem harsh to some, the majority of Platinum City's visitors and citizens agree that the safety they provide is worth the price of the Sentinels' watchful gaze. In fact, the city's unparalleled safety has made it the host of one of the most highly attended events in all of Fynali: The Warden's Festival. This weeklong celebration of the Day of Salvation draws attendees from every corner of the globe.

As a city within the Iridean region, Platinum City is under the jurisdiction of Chancellor Ulrich Alden Darling. Under his wise leadership, the city has enjoyed unprecedented prosperity and growth, cementing its status as a beacon of safety and prosperity in an otherwise brutal and dangerous world.