Continent of Ardesia

Within the tumultuous realms of Fynali, the continent of Ardesia emerges as a bastion of diversity, showcasing the very roots of sentient life on the planet. This sprawling landmass is a mosaic of varied biomes, diverse cultures, and climatic wonders, offering a unique tapestry of experiences across its five distinctive regions.

Crystalia: The Frozen Realm

In the northern expanse, where the breath of frost season lingers year-round, Crystalia stands as the epitome of cold resilience. At its zenith, Lady Selkath, a fearsome white dragon who often appears as a human, has presided over the region since before anyone can remember. Selkath Village, the capital of the region, embraces the chill, and is home to a small population of Humans, elves, dwarves, and bugbears mostly. The northern end of the Resulven Mountain range-- Elvish for the Spine of the Dragon-- starts in this region and continued to sprawl out through the majority of Ardesia. Svalbar, hostile in its cold, cradles a tribe of Goliaths, descendants of frost giants, at the northernmost point of Fynali.

Evervale: Betwixt Cliffs and Forests

In the temperate embrace of Evervale, contrasting landscapes weave tales of peril and serenity. The southern cliffs, perilously overlooking a narrow beach, whisper of the treacherous Dagger Pass, a harrowing ascent to the mainland. The capital, Boymin, harbors influence from the Watsons, a noble family ensconced in their manor north of the bustling port town. Evervale also is home to two large forests: the Northreach Glades, a coniferous forest of evergreens to the north of the region, and the Amazon Lily, a more temperate deciduous forest to the south. The Amazon Lily was the previous home of the Jimbei Clan, a large tribe of elves who lived in Jimbeira before it was razed in 850 EoW.

Iridea: Crowned by Platinum City

Iridea is the most populous of the regions of Ardesia, and the most temperate, experiencing the full breadth of the four seasons. It is home to Platinum City, the shining jewel in the crown of the region. This massive city is run by the kind and powerful Chancellor Ulrich Alden Darling, an elf who was instrumental in the building of Platinum City centuries prior. Iridea also encompasses the Bamboo Islands to the south, and Conclave Island to the north. The Resulven mountains twist to an end in Iridea after cutting through Evervale completely.

Cordillero: Southern Charm

Cordillero, the southernmost bastion of Ardesia, boasts scattered forests and the vast Lorzo Grasslands. Solei, the capital perched on the southern peninsula, resonates with the gentle rhythms of a port city. Even further south than Solei, Porto Sacura stands as a bustling port city in its position just north of Tharuunden's Verastin.

Tempestua: Arcane Storm's Dominion

In the northeast, the mystery of Tempestua unfolds-- an island shrouded in an arcane storm, its origins veiled in mystery. The tempest, growing in size with each passing year, unleashes bursts of magic that lash out at neighboring lands, rendering it a forsaken realm. No soul dares claim responsibility, leaving Tempestua an untamed force, a testament to the unpredictable power of the arcane.

Within the harmonious tapestry of Ardesia, where chaos finds a semblance of balance, each region tells tales of survival, tragedy, and enduring resilience, creating a living encyclopedia of Fynali's history.

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