Chancellor Ulrich Alden Darling

Ulrich Alden Darling, the leader of Iridia, is a charismatic and dedicated elven man. With his dark skin and bright eyes, he cuts a striking figure in his territory's prized city, Platinum City - a place renowned for its safety and security.

Despite his many responsibilities, the Chancellor is known for his approachability and candid engagement with his citizens. This is especially evident within the walls of Platinum City, where his home-- the Platinum Citadel-- also serves as the city's capitol.


Race: Elf
Class: Unknown
Type: NPC - Ally
First Seen: Touched By Fate

As a leader, Chancellor Ulrich is deeply committed to protecting his people, and has an impressive knowledge of magic and its various forms within Fynali, including a rare ability recently discovered in six unrelated adventurers during the most recent Warden's Festival.

The Warden's Festival is a week-long celebration that draws leaders and visitors from all over the world, and happens to be the Chancellor's most favorite time of the year. During the festival, the Chancellor can be found commentating at the Tournaments in the colosseum, sampling the finest culinary treats from his guests, or even playing games in the streets with his people.

Overall, Chancellor Ulrich is widely respected as a fair, just, and kind leader who cares deeply for his citizens. His dedication to his people and his extensive knowledge of magic have made him a popular figure in Iridia and beyond.