Legends Revealed

As the Platinum Talons reveal and create legends in the world of Fynali, they will be found here, unfurled like a newly mended tapestry as each line of the story comes into focus. Some of these stories have already passed and are simply unearthed. Some will be made by the Talons themselves. Refresh your memory of the most significant aspects of their story in the scrolls below.

The Truth of Salvation

The Day of Salvation is a story that doesn't need telling, not to the people of Fynali. Every citizen has heard this story told time and time again, the famous tale ending, as we all know, with the Warden heroically slaying the malevolent Solana.

And although the Warden's story is oft told and his victory is still celebrated as a triumph over evil, the truth of that day was hidden from the world. Solana was not destroyed, but rather, shattered, across the vast world of Fynali. These sinister remnants of her essence took root, spreading chaos and despair far and wide. For nearly a millennium, the people of Fynali unknowingly struggled against the encroaching darkness and danger within their very home.

The Keepers of Destiny

Amidst the turmoil, a group of noble souls emerged, known as the Keepers of Destiny. Under the guidance of eight Divine Protectors, each embodying one of the eight schools of magic, the Keepers united in a relentless pursuit to halt the darkness's advance. Their courage and wisdom were their weapons, and they fought valiantly for centuries until the agents of Solana, the dread Order of Righteous Conflict, finally gained the upper hand. Defeated, decimated, and diminished, that which was left of the Keepers scattered across the globe.

The Last Line of Defense

In the darkest hour of Fynali's history, a select few Keepers of Destiny received a sacred and perilous task. They were entrusted with safeguarding the Wiltspar, a wondrous tree believed to be a conduit of magical energies and an integral pillar that maintained balance and harmony in the realm. Monstrous creatures, drawn by the immense magical power the Wiltspar emanated, besieged it relentlessly.

The small band of Keepers tasked with protecting this vital relic became the world's last line of defense. Braving treacherous landscapes and confronting unspeakable horrors, they stood resolute against the unyielding tide of evil.

The Six Blessed

To stop the tide of darkness, the Divine Protectors believe that the Warden sent out a call throughout Fynali. It was a desperate plea to summon the good of the realm, imploring these select individuals to unite in a valiant stand against the growing might of Solana and her insidious agents. Although it is unknown why these brave souls were chosen, there is no denying the otherworldly might that courses through their beings, transcending the bounds of ordinary mortals. These individuals were given blessings from the domain deities to strengthen them in their quest to save Fynali.

Gathered during the 389th annual Warden's Festival (in the year 999 EoW), nestled within the fortified embrace of Platinum City's walls, these six remarkable individuals were brought together and their statuses as Blessed were solidified. In a spectacle witnessed by the entire realm, their awe-inspiring new abilities stood as a beacon of hope that all was not yet lost for Fynali.

These individuals are known as: Bartholomew Watson, Drez Kraven, Nohki Oakheart, Firebrook Sianfete, Vance Eddard, and Xerxes.

The Order's Plan

During their visit to Boymin and their encounter with Solana's corrupted essence of Darkness, The Blessed learned of the Order of Righteous Conflict's plan. Headed by the patriarch of the Sianfete family (Hellspear), the Order intended to contain the Darkness inside of a vessel that could be used to do their bidding, giving them extraordinary power. This vessel (Bloodmoon Sianfete, daughter of Hellspear and sister of Firebrook), was spared having to do the Order's bidding by a heroic and fearless display of The Blessed's power.

Although wounded, a good portion of the Order was able to get away to regroup and devise yet another plan of attack.

Not the First Alone, but the First Together

During the Battle of the Darkness, one of The Blessed fell to a fatal blow. Upon the moment of her death, her blessing left her and shot out into the world to fall upon another deserving of it. And even though Bart was revived, her blessing did not return.

With this, The Blessed learned that they were not the first to receive these gifts from the gods of their world; many before them had been deemed worthy and many before them had died all the same. Yet, while others possessed these special abilities, no other Blessed before had been able to find each other and band together. Could this connection be the key to Fynali's salvation?