The Legend of the Warden

As long as you can remember, there has been chaos in Fynali, the world you call your home. Storms and wars. Hostile beasts, marauders, and scoundrels. A cornucopia of dangers that have only grown stronger and in number throughout your lifetime. But in a world where threats amass, you have survived. In whatever way, and for whatever reason, you have made it to another sunrise. Perhaps, through perseverance and strength. Or cunning and quiet. Or through the love of your community. Perhaps, like many of the people on this planet, you have turned to spirituality and the story of the Warden to guide and protect you, as the Warden himself has done for Fynali for centuries.

You see, the story of the Warden is the most well-known story of your people. He is a god of your world, and he was created by the Universe itself. Well, one half of the universe. A cosmic being named Brio sang a single note, and the Warden was born, built from star matter and potential. And while most things need a year or twenty to really come into their own after popping into existence, the Warden was offered no such kindness. Within moments of his creation, the fate of the universe was foisted onto his shoulders. Brio, suffering a fatal injury at the hands of his other half and eternal nemesis, Solana, imbued the Warden with his essence to give the fight for good one last shot at keeping all of creation from being engulfed in darkness. And with his new and sudden power, that is exactly what the Warden did. He unleashed the borrowed energy inside of him and destroyed that merciless and bloodthirsty immortal terror. Solana was shattered among the stars, and the Warden descended onto Fynali, making his home in our world with the knowledge that the truest form of evil had been vanquished.

And while this is a comforting tale, perhaps it does not explain the chaos and darkness here at home. If Solana was gone for good, would agents be able to raise up and act in her name? A question, for now, without an answer. In the meantime, I hope you are encouraged by the Warden's tale. Perhaps so much so that you might find yourself, one of these years, at the festival held in his name, where the world converges to spend a week in good fortune and, for a moment, to forget the growing darkness that grips the edges of the place where we call home.