The AGI Concierge

Ah, the AGI Concierge--a veritable treasure trove of knowledge, wit, and a perpetual smile that could outshine the brightest enchanted gem. If you're an adventurer in need, this cheerful, helpful, and oh-so-knowledgeable individual is your ultimate ally within the Adventurers' Guild International.

The Concierge is not your ordinary information booth attendant. No, no! They are the walking, talking, and smiling fountain of wisdom when it comes to all things related to quests, adventuring equipment, and the quirks of the specific region where their AGI branch resides. Need to know the fastest way to slay a dragon without getting singed eyebrows? Ask the Concierge! Want a detailed breakdown of local flora and fauna so you can impress that cute elven druid you met at the tavern? The Concierge has got your back!

Equipped with an encyclopedic memory and a knack for remembering every party's favorite ale, the AGI Concierge is more than just a font of knowledge. They often have maps of treacherous areas at their fingertips, guiding adventurers through the winding paths and hidden shortcuts with unparalleled expertise. They can tell you which monster drools excessively, which treasure chest is booby-trapped with an especially cheeky gnome, and even the most current rankings of adventuring parties. Trust us, it's worth slipping them a couple of extra gold pieces for that juicy information.

It is a peculiar quirk of the AGI Concierges that they possess a remarkable similarity in appearance and name. It's as if they were summoned from a distant, enchanted catalog of Concierges, each bearing a familiar countenance and a name that carries a delightful touch of whimsy.

Their appearance, while not identical, holds a striking resemblance from one Concierge to another. The Concierge is a female half-elf with dark hair, usually twisted up into a braid or a bun. Their attire, a harmonious blend of practicality and elegance, befits their role as the guardians of knowledge and keepers of AGI's lively spirit.

So, next time you find yourself in the hallowed halls of an AGI chapter, seek out the ever-smiling Concierge. They're your guide, your confidant, and your partner-in-adventure. Some may say that they're the true heroes behind the scenes, making sure every adventurer feels welcome, informed, and ready to conquer the realms with a grin and a gilded sword.

Hats off to the AGI Concierge--the real MVPs of the adventurer's journey!

Concierges & AGI Locations:

AGI Location Concierge First Seen
Platinum City
The Hook
It's Trelawny Bych