Tharuunden Archives

Lore written by Ben

In the chronicles of Fynali's history, one name echoes with the thunderous resonance of a dragon's roar: Tharuunden. This archive delves into the captivating tale of a dragon empire's rise and fall, a rebellion led by the continent's namesake, and the transformative aftermath that reshaped the land of Tharuunden. Find here the pieces of Tharuunden's legacy and how they continue to shape the destinies of nations and the hearts of its people.


Original Tiefling Settlement

Hope, a city in the southern reaches of Terriah, originated as the first settlement of tieflings in the region. Emerging from the shadows of Dracaenia's oppression, Hope symbolizes the triumph of hope over despair. The tieflings, with their tails' added agility and resistance to fire, played a crucial role in building the city and shaping its unique character. Today, Hope stands as a vibrant metropolis where tieflings and other races coexist, contributing to the city's dynamic cultural landscape.


Multicultural Farming Hamlet

Haysted, a charming hamlet nestled amidst Terriah's expansive landscapes, exemplifies the harmonious coexistence of families from various backgrounds. Comprised of small groups of families with diverse racial origins, Haysted is a testament to the multicultural fabric woven into the country's countryside. Here, families of different races work together on farms and live side by side, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. Haysted embodies the ideals of diversity and cooperation that characterize Terriah's rural communities.


Original Human Settlement

Keystone, a city with roots tracing back to the first settlement by humans in the north of Terriah, stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Native Races. Established after the fall of Dracaenia, Keystone evolved into a thriving community that cherishes its historical significance. The city has grown into a hub of human culture and heritage, reflecting the resilience of the Native Races in the aftermath of draconian oppression. Nestled in the northern reaches of Terriah, Keystone stands as a vibrant center, celebrating the diverse tapestry of races that have come to inhabit the continent over the centuries.

Emperor Jzargo

Black Dragon, First Dragon Emperor of Dracaenia

Emperor Jzargo, a formidable black dragon of ancient Dracaenia, rose to power during the dawn of humanoid civilizations, marking the inception of the dragon empire's dominion over Fynali. Known for his ruthless conquests, Jzargo enslaved the native inhabitants, including humans, orcs, and tieflings. His reign spanned the majority of Fynali, with Tharuunden as the epicenter. Jzargo's legacy as the first dragon emperor laid the foundation for the era of draconian oppression, a chapter later challenged by the heroic actions of Tharuunden the Kind.

Lake Dracaenia

aka Dragon Lake

Lake Dracaenia, formerly the heart of the dragon empire, was a colossal body of water that served as the seat of power for Dracaenia. Once surrounded by the majestic Tharuunden Mountains, the lake's name echoed the dragon emperor's influence. The mountains were later destroyed in a rebellion led by Tharuunden, resulting in the creation of the lake. This historic event marked the liberation of enslaved humanoids and the birth of the Native Races, setting the stage for the post-Dracaenia development and the eventual emergence of Verastin and Terriah.


Original Orc Settlement

Luga, a vibrant city in central Terriah, traces its origins to the first orc settlement in the region. Established centuries ago, Luga has thrived as a melting pot of orcish culture and traditions. The city stands as a testament to the resilience and strength of the orcish community in the aftermath of the fall of Dracaenia. Luga's streets are filled with the echoes of orcish heritage, and the city serves as a regional center where the diverse races of Terriah come together, fostering a rich tapestry of shared experiences.

Native Races

Liberated Humanoid Natives of Tharuunden

The Native Races of Tharuunden, comprising humans, orcs, and tieflings, were enslaved during the reign of Emperor Jzargo. Subjected to varying duties based on their perceived utility, the liberated Native Races played a pivotal role in the post-Dracaenia era. Their settlements across Tharuunden evolved into the diverse communities of present-day Terriah and Verastin, each preserving unique skills and contributing to the cultural tapestry of the island continent.

Emperor Qavorth

Red Dragon, Final Emporer of Dracaenia

Emperor Qavorth, known as the Bringer of Death, was the last dragon emperor of Dracaenia. His oppressive reign led to a rebellion orchestrated by Tharuunden and sympathetic dragons. The rebellion climaxed in a fierce battle above Mount Thunder, where Qavorth faced his demise at the hands of Tharuunden's sacrificial lightning breath. Qavorth's fall marked the end of Dracaenia's centralized power, ushering in a period of civil wars and the eventual scattering of the remaining dragons across the world.

Rehoth Landing

Capital City of Tharuunden

Rehoth Landing, the capital city of Terriah, epitomizes the multicultural essence of the nation. Located on the northernmost point of the continent, Rehoth Landing is a bustling metropolis where almost every race that calls Terriah home is represented. In the wake of the fall of Dracaenia, the capital became a beacon of unity and diversity, showcasing the harmonious coexistence of races. Unlike other parts of Terriah, none of the Native Races dominate society in Rehoth Landing, making it a symbol of inclusivity and cooperation on the continent.

Tharuunden Mountains

Largest Mountain Range of the Tharuunden Continent

The Tharuunden Mountains, named after the dragon Tharuunden the Kind, once served as the seat of power for Dracaenia's dragon emperors. These mountains witnessed the enslaved Native Races toiling under draconian rule for centuries. The rebellion against Emperor Qavorth saw the mountains destroyed in a cataclysmic event, forming Lake Dracaenia. The remnants of this range and the hidden caves beneath the lake harbor the secret community of Dragonborn, descendants of the liberated slaves who continue to exist unbeknownst to the continent. The tallest peak of this range, Mount Thunder, still stands at the Terrian/Verastinian border.

Tharuunden the Kind

Blue Dragon, Liberator of the Native Races

Tharuunden the Kind, a benevolent blue dragon possessing the formidable power of lightning, played a pivotal role in the liberation of humanoid slaves from Dracaenia's oppression. Initially, he secretly aided the enslaved, teaching them to harness their latent abilities and orchestrating a rebellion against the last dragon emperor, Qavorth. Tharuunden's self-sacrifice above Mount Thunder, where he unleashed a powerful lightning breath against Qavorth, marked the climax of the rebellion. His legacy endured through the destruction of the Tharuunden Mountains, creating Lake Dracaenia.