Terravox the Earthshaper

Based on original story by Nick M.

Once upon the time of tribes, there lived a young drow by the name of Terravox the Earthshaper.

Terravox lived in a small group of drow in the Underdark, a place full of shadows and fighting.

All of the creatures in the Underdark fought against each other, from the Duergar to the Svirfneblin to the Drow. Even the spiders and bats seemed to be at odds with one another. In the deep dark of the world, fighting and violence was all there seemed to be.

To Terravox, this was not the world he wanted for himself or his tribe, and so tried his best to find peace and common ground among all of the peoples of the Underdark. Although he was not taken seriously, and many of his attempts nearly saw him killed, Terravox learned of the greatest source of tension: a vast underground tunnel lined with sparkling mithril that was held sacred by the many Underdark Tribes.

His efforts to convince the others to share resulted in even more fighting, and young Terravox, as hard as he tried, could not find a solution to satisfy them all.

Until one day, the Goddess Nihm, hearing the clashing of fangs and blades and fists in the heart of her earthly kingdom, appeared in Drow form to survey all that was happening below the mountains.

Her shock and anger was calmed when she saw Terravox working with all of his might to bring peace to her peoples, and so she spoke with him as an ally and friend, and together, they made a brilliant team.

Only to him did she reveal her true nature, but to the others, she took the form of their kind. As a Duergar, she and Terravox spoke to the Duergar. As a Svirfneblin, she and Terravox spoke to the Svirfneblin. And as a Drow, and she Terravox spoke to the Drow. And together, they quelled the tensions long enough to propose a solution: a shared place where everyone could call to their gods. It was then that Nihm revealed her true form and offered the people the opportunity to bring their deities into their home.

Being granted such a great divine favor required the efforts of all of the tribes, and an agreement to find a way to live and work together. The leaders of each tribe agreed to live in harmony in order to receive this unique blessing. And so the union between Terravox and Nihm created a seam, a portal, a nexus, that tied the celestial forces and the material plane to a spot in the Underdark.

There it would remain as long as the people of the Underdark prioritized each other. And thus the very first city of the Underdark was created, a diverse and sacred kingdom centered on the Nexus of Astral Tides and their promise to become one people: The Kingdom of Concordia.