Prime Celestials

Behold, the Prime Celestials! These are the Gods from which all of the Domain Deities have come. Here, you will learn a little more about these great and terrible powers, and their impacts on the world of Fynali.


Brio is depicted as an older man with white hair and a pearlescent silver suit that catches the light like a sun. He has a golden crown on his head, a circlet with eight stars, the center of which is the largest with the others getting progressively smaller the further away from the center they go. The images of Brio show a calm and powerful being. A creator and builder. A peacemaker. Many of the renditions of a bright and serene Brio bely an air of pain underneath that the strongest of our gods had continued to persist throughout.


Solana, the embodiment of catastrophe and discord, stands as a stark contrast to the revered creator and builder, Brio. She is a force of relentless destruction, leaving chaos in her wake. Draped in a gown of iridescent purple, shimmering like the ominous twilight, her appearance strikes terror in the hearts of Fynalians. Her hair cascades in inky black tendrils, swirling like a tempestuous storm, while her mysterious face remains forever veiled in shadow, concealing her inscrutable gaze. Legends speak of her formidable power, matched only by the magnitude of the devastation she wrought during her notorious fits of rage, reducing entire towns to ruins.

Her death at the hands of the Warden--embued with Brio's strength-- was a call for celebration across every inch of Fynali, from the villages high in the Sorrin Mountains to the burrows of creatures at the bottom of the Hedratic Sea. Despite her demise, her legacy of gloom continues to touch our world, allowing pain and violence to flourish even still.