The flora of Fynali lives here, from the moss to the mushrooms to the giant beanstalks and towering trees. Is it poison? Food? A buff? An instant death sentence?  You better hope you rolled that Nature check well enough to find out!

Chippirock Mushroom: A squat, plump mushroom with light brown flesh and deep blue splotches along the caps. This mushroom is used in gourmet dishes throughout Fynali, but is most popular in the region of Viddeon where chefs utilize the abundant supply of these cavern-dwelling fungi as a staple in many of their dishes. Chippirock mushrooms must be prepared with the utmost care, as the flesh can be quite toxic in unskilled hands.

Gateway Carnifloris: The Gateway Carnifloris, often regarded as the prankster of the botanical world, boasts a truly unique hunting strategy. Once it captures its unsuspecting prey, it proceeds to digest them just a bit, only to belch them out through its gaping maw into the embrace of another Gateway Carnifloris miles away. This bizarre teleportation service has left both biologists and victims scratching their heads, as it's an effective means of survival for the plant and a bewildering journey for those caught in its fleshy teleportation system. While traveling through these botanical wormholes might not be everyone's idea of a vacation, one can't help but admire the plant kingdom's unorthodox sense of humor.

Prickle Cap Mushroom: A mushroom that looks very much like a cactus with its spiked green cap and sturdy stalk. Consuming its flesh grants individuals the ability to climb like a spider, defying gravity and traversing vertical surfaces with ease. This extraordinary adaptation, known as spider climb, makes the Prickle Cap a sought-after botanical marvel. While its precise biochemical mechanism remains a subject of scientific inquiry, responsible consumption and cultivation practices are advised to ensure the sustainability of this remarkable species.