Fynali Calendar

The Fynali calendar is a well-structured timekeeping system. It comprises 400 days, evenly divided among four distinct seasons, each offering unique climatic conditions and natural phenomena.

Blooming Season: A Time of Renewal

The Fynali year commences with the Blooming Season, characterized by its warm and mild weather. During this period, the landscape undergoes a remarkable transformation as dormant plants and trees awaken from their frosty slumber. Sprouting buds and blossoming flowers paint the terrain in vibrant colors, creating a captivating spectacle. Farmers seize this opportune moment to sow their crops, ensuring a fruitful harvest later in the year.

Radiant Season: The Long Scorcher

Following the Blooming Season, the Radiant Season takes center stage in Fynali's calendar. This season is characterized by hot temperatures and extended daylight hours. The sun's relentless and intense rays cast a golden, unyielding glow upon the land, making it a challenging time for the citizens of Fynali. Seeking shelter and shade becomes a common practice to avoid the unforgiving heat.

Yielding Season: A Vibrant Transition

As the Radiant Season wanes, the Yielding Season emerges with a gradual cooling of temperatures. Fynali's landscape undergoes yet another breathtaking transformation during this time. The leaves of trees and shrubs transition from vibrant greens to a splendid array of warm hues, such as reds, oranges, and yellows. This visual spectacle offers a sense of tranquility and reflection, as the world prepares for the imminent arrival of the Frost Season. The Yielding Season is a time for harvest and conservation to prepare for the cold season up ahead.

Frost Season: A Chilly Fynali

The Frost Season marks the conclusion of the Fynali calendar year. This season is known for its snowfall and icy temperatures that envelop the land. Frosty mornings and snow-covered landscapes create a mesmerizing scenery, belying the danger that comes with a long season of little to no growing. However, Fynali's inhabitants embrace the chill by participating building snowmen, and enjoying cozy evenings by the fireplace, as well as celebrating the warmest holiday of all: Frostwane, the mid-point of the Frost season that signifies that the cold is on its way out and the Blooming Season is on its way in. Fynalians of all races, classes, and denominations celebrate Frostwane, albeit a bit differently due to their regional and cultural differences.