Xerxes's Story

Backstory by Ben

Born and raised on the farms of Haystead near Keystone, my father told me stories about my mother's ancestor, a red dragon, and that every few generations one of the family would be born with magical power. He didn't live long enough to find out I was one of those few. As kids, my friend Grim and I would camp on our parents' farms and pretend to be adventurers. On one of these nights, I saw a boy walking through the forest. I followed him only for him to disappear behind a tree, leaving only a small crest on the forest floor in his place. Upon picking it up, I forget everything I knew and had an intense desire to find something. After that brief moment, I remembered my life and carried on, keeping that crest with that fierce-looking bird on it.


Race: Half-Orc
Class: Forge Cleric

I was the only one in my family to survive the disease that swept through our land. I never knew my grandfather, but he knew I had survived and, upon his death, he chose to leave his property in Keystone and all his wealth to me. After leaving my family's farm to Grim, I poorly adapted to my new life in the city and acted much the same way as I always have. However, I made new acquaintances and friends, including Lara, a small clothing store owner. We quickly became friends and then lovers.

It was during my city life that I discovered my magic and, not knowing how to wisely handle money, I spent most of my newfound wealth quietly learning how to control and use it. Once I realized I had used most of my inheritance, I sold my city property and ended my relationship with Lara, returning to the small, quiet farm I gave to Grim. I left all I owned and possessed in his care and decided to go on adventures for coin by putting my magical abilities to good use and seeking meaning in my life.