Vance's Story

Backstory by Nick M.

I grew up with a band nomadic entertainers called the Mystic Crescendo Troupe. They are renowned as some of the best and most talented entertainers in all the lands of Fynali.

Vanros Vane, a descendant of mine, was the original founder of the Mystic Crescendo. He was said to have been a great adventurer in his youth, and found a power in which he could channel through song. Many years he spend perfecting his art form in music; he was quite a scholar, studying the various chord progressions, scales, and modes so that he could fully unlock his power and bring it to its full potential.

Not much is known about his adventures. He documented them in songs and scattered them across the lands during his first pilgrimage with the original troupe shortly after its founding. It is said that he encrypted the music in such a way that you would need a cipher to make any sense of it.


Race: Half-Drow
Class: Bard

Since I was a young boy, I was taught the ways of Magic through song and performance. I took to illusion as my primary focus because I could enhance my performances with it. I decided to leave the Mystic Crescendo to find out more of myself and live outside the bounds of the tribe. My last day with my family, Varalt, my father, and Juno, my mother, was one year ago. We put on quite the performance. My Mother played the harp and sang, and my father played his lute as brilliantly as always. We traded off solos that went on for what felt like forever.

Later that night I slipped out of our wagon and headed east. I never told them I was leaving, but I think deep inside they always knew I would. Last I knew, they were headed towards Brimhold in the west. I hope to meet up with them after I find my way as a traveling adventurer like Vanros Vane was all those years ago.