Nohki's Story

Backstory by Kyle

I was born in a quiet tribe known as the Jinbe Clan which is located deep in the forests of Amazon Lily. I have an older brother, Darien, and his parents. My brother tells me stories about when I was an infant and. a group of orcs had demolished our village and burnt all of the trees to the ground. My parents fought back, but was slain defending our home. Before they died, they hid my brother and I hid in a tree stump along with a mysterious magical seed that my parents had planted in the stump. This seed had bonded the two of us to this tree which had become our home. As we grew up, the tree grew with us and protected us through thick and thin. The tree connects us in an unexplainable way. We both now wear a magical bracelet with a leaf attached at the end. This leaf can not be destroyed, blown away, soaked or lost as it provides an innate compass to those rooted to the tree. Using this leaf, it always points in the direction of the other brother and it provides a status on our well being. Whenever one of us is hurting, the other can tell as the leaf begins to catch fire and burn away slowly. Once we are dead, the leaf will be destroyed along with the tree that has been out home.


Race: Wood Elf
Class: Druid

As we grew older, we trained in the wild to be great hunters and have a keen sense of survival. In recent years we have been searching for the orcs responsible for destroying the Jinbe Clan. On a typical day of scouting, Darien and I were ambushed by an overwhelming group of orcs. In the battle, I had lost my left arm and was knocked unconscious by the excruciating pain. Days later I had woken up to a weird sensation flowing throughout my body. I was stabilized and to my disbelief, my left arm was there. However it was made of all wood and intertwined vines, the same wood that our home tree is made of. Darien is nowhere to be found and there are no tracks to find him. We have no way of reuniting besides the direction of the leaf. I have set out to find my brother, avenge my family and clan, and to also discover the magic that my arm and this bonding tree holds.

As days go by of me searching for him, I discover that my leaf is starting to burn away slowly as I fear that Darien is in grave danger. I will stop at nothing to find and save Darien and take revenge on the orcs that took everything from me. The leaf is the only thing that keeps me sane and it is slowly starting to deteriorate.