Firebrook's Story

Backstory by Seth

For decades he traveled across countless planes of existence. Many of times crossing the same ones he had visited before. Never stopping for too long since the Sianfete family had agents that could hunt Firebrook down. Eventually though he did lose those hunters, but kept on moving as force of habit. Slowly firebrook's rage calmed as did his pace of running. Eventually leading to him stay for a time in one spot. Then another, and another. Being a slow moving nomad as he only moved on when the place he had been to began to fall apart. For Shalenneth aged differently being from a different plane of existence. He saw as civilizations rise and fall.

Eventually he came to a place called Fynali. Stepping through the portal he came to a place called Selkath village where he learned a great hero known as Lady Selkath had saved the people of this region from a black dragon. Firebrook having heard tales of dragons being fearsome creatures he was curious to meet this great warrior. He traveled up through the snow filled pass to the rumored cave where this hero chose to live most days. Unless to travel to Svalbard the closest major civilization other than the town of Selkath village. Firebrook scoured the local mountain range, but to no avail. Hungry, exhausted, hopeless he gave into the cold and fell. Slowly as he fell asleep the sound of something very large and flapping wings could be heard...and then silence.


Race: Astral Elf
Class: Bladesinging Wizard/Artificer

Firebrook awoke inside of a cave with a large fire burning and a great glow coming from a far. wait not a glow, a shimmer. Gold! Lots of it along with vast amounts of gems. Firebrook's attention was broke when a beautiful High Elf with blonde hair and green eyes in white noble dress.

Shalenneth was very confused as to what was going on until the high elf spoke, "Who are you to risk your life to explore the tundra all alone? An astral elf from the looks of you. Tell me, world explorer, what is your name and reason for being out here?"

Firebrook looked the high elf over a bit more while pondering the situation he awoke to. "I am called Firebrook. I came looking for the hero known as Lady Selkath which I seemed to have had the pleasure of meeting lady." He said with a smirk having figured out this was indeed the fabled hero, but that she was a dragon herself. He had read tales of dragons being able to take on other forms, bit the dead give away was the treasure hoards and random high elf in noble clothing living in a cavern.

Realizing what Firebrook figured out, Lady Selkath shifted into her true form and finally had Shalenneth in awe as he saw Selkath's true form. "So tell me why have sought me out?"

Firebrook responded with only one word, "Curiousity."

Selkath puzzled at the short response. "Curiousity? That is what led you to seek a powerful being such as myself, risking your very life? All for the sake of satisfying your curiousity?"

Firebrook nodded. "As hard as it may seem, my Lady, but I've never once met a dragon. I've met many other races, but none as majestic and powerful as you. I wished to see and experience meeting such a great being. And now I have." He outstretched himself arms to fire warming up more and thinking. "I thank you for your hospitality and for saving my life. I shall proceed to return to Svalbard soon and not impede on your hospitality any further."

Lady Selkath moved closer and laid down upon the rock floor of the cave. "If you wish to thank me, then tell answer me this truthfully. Do not lie. What is an astral elf doing in this world? Especially one of high noble birth as shown by your mannerisms?"

Firebrook pondered the question as he stared into the fire. The image of burning the oil in his family's estate, seeing his sister for the last time in who knows how many years since time is different across worlds. He thought of his entire childhood and upbringing. Of the many great folks he met after escaping his family. "I am here because I am running from my past...until I can find the strength needed to fight my history. Great darkness follows me wherever I go my Lady, why I must always be moving."

Lady Selkath looked at Firebrook directly, "And your name? Your TRUE name?"

Firebrook felt great emotional pain for the first time in decades, but he felt he could trust this being of great power, eloquence and wisdom. "Shalenneth Sianfete...I was also called-"

Selkath interrupted him, "I asked what your true name was.. not what you were called. I can tell what you were called pains you. As does the name you carry. A great darkness follows you? I shall teach you then. For I have slain great darkness myself. I know the struggle to fight against something so much more powerful than you. I know not your full past, but that you do not need to tell me until you feel ready to confide in me."

Firebrook was stunned at the offer given to him. He did the only thing he could thing of managing to do, dropping to his knees, bowing his head and saying in a feint shaken voice, " lady. Thank you."